Working together,  the membership of HFAM has made great strides to ensure that Maryland’s elected leaders know of the passion and expert care we bring to Marylanders in need and the resources necessary to provide this high quality care.

In this most challenging time of state budget cuts and legislative mandates for rate reform and long-term care reform, it is more important than ever for the provider community to take an active role to determine and plan our destiny.  HFAM is asking all members to join together as we proactively advocate for the needs of the people we serve, our workforce, and our provider community.

We invite you to use our online system to make a contribution to the HFAM Maryland Nursing Home PAC.  The money contributed is used to educate our elected officials.  To date, HFAM members have supported many legislators that understand our issues and concerns.  In 2009 the HFAM Maryland Nursing Home PAC was recognized as one of the top 25 PACs in Maryland, by the Daily Record.

These hard economic times and the growing challenges we are experiencing, makes it all the more important for us to speak with one voice to our elected leaders as we continue our goal of providing quality care to the citizens of Maryland.

The HFAM PAC relies on member’s contributions. With your help we can meet the challenges of this election year.

To learn more about the HFAM Maryland Nursing Home PAC, contact:
John Spadaro, Chair or Daren Cortese, Treasurer