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Overview of Maryland Medical Assistance – The “Nuts and Bolts”

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Patty DeGrasse

Overview of Maryland Medical Assistance – The “Nuts and Bolts”
(Procedure, Strategies, Legal Solutions To Maximize Revenue, Problem Solve And Ensure Eligibility)

Given the importance of maximizing revenue, minimizing A/R and avoiding costly write-offs, this program offers a full understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of the very complex Maryland Medical Assistance/Medicaid process to help facilities successfully maximize eligibility for precious revenue resources especially given pandemic-related decreased revenue and increased costs. Moreover, understanding what legal remedies are available to avoid roadblocks to eligibility (i.e. compel the completion of an incomplete application, or successfully appeal an application that has been denied) will be addressed.

This is a program for the entire spectrum of those interested/involved in the MA process from brand-new business office managers to seasoned CFO’s and everyone in-between who is involved in the financial management of a facility. It is a back-to-the basics overview peppered with anecdotes, practice tips and advice on how to successfully manage the MA process to avoid problems, maximize revenue and ensure eligibility. Moreover, strategies to successfully reverse adverse MA findings and the impact of COVID on the MA process will be addressed in detail. Significant opportunities for Q&A are also built into this seminar.

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