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Behavioral Health Trauma Informed Care

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Quality Inn Easton
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$175 per person


Patty DeGrasse

This program offers participants an overview of the broad framework of behavioral health with a detailed examination of new, relocated, and associated Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements. This includes all F-Tags in the Behavioral Health regulatory section and those in other regulatory sections (e.g., Facility Assessment, PASARR, and Trauma Informed Care) that are conceptually/ operationally related. This seminar, taught by a former surveyor and certified CMS trainer, will connect participants with insights about the updated survey process and tools (e.g., critical element pathways, software) being used to identify non-compliance with resident attainment of the highest practicable level of well-being related to person-centered care in support of emotional and mental well-being, disease treatment, stress, environment, substance use disorder, use of non-pharmacological treatment(s)/activities, and overall prevention and treatment of diagnosed mental disorders. An examination of Maryland’s guidance and tools/ resources associated with PASARR will be provided and the seminar will examine several elements of Trauma Informed Care: Federal Partners, best practices, the intersections between trauma, dementia, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and, the unique strengths of older adults in building resilience.

Intended Audience
The regulatory topics included in this seminar are relevant for CMS certified nursing facilities. However, this seminar includes valuable information on providing behavioral health care – including trauma informed care – and behavioral health training for staff. Any organization with an interest in expanding organizational capacity in behavioral health will benefit from this seminar. The content is appropriate for the following roles:

  • Administrators
  • Directors of Nursing (DON)
  • Directors of Social Services
  • Staff Development/ Training Directors
  • Activity Directors – non-pharmacological interventions may be of specific interest to this audience
  • Leadership and senior staff in therapy, nursing, education, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and describe the F-Tags and staff competency/ training requirements associated with Behavioral Health and Trauma Informed Care (TIC).
  • Recognize diseases, conditions, and behaviors associated with behavioral health and substance use disorder care and services.
  • Examine updated PASARR requirements and resources specific to Maryland providers
  • Define Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and summarize best practices for building a trauma informed approach.
  • Evaluate effective strategies to identify, monitor, and respond to client/ resident behavioral health needs.

Continuing Education
6 hours of CE for Administrators and Social Workers

Questions:  contact Patty DeGrasse – 410-401-3089 or email

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