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June’s HFAM Spotlight
Tamara Geiwitz

Long View assistant administrator chosen for national long-term care leadership training

Tamara GeiwitzThe American Health Care Association (AHCA) and National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) selected Tamara Geiwitz, assistant administrator at the Long View Nursing Home of Manchester, Md. to participate in AHCA/NCAL’s “Future Leaders of Long Term Care in America” symposium on July 20 – 22, 2010 in Washington, DC. The symposium kicks off a year-long program that offers training and guidance for long-term care professionals who have demonstrated leadership potential and an aptitude for representing the interests of long-term care providers at the state and national levels.

HFAM interviewed Tamara for this month’s Spotlight:

HFAM: What brought you to the long-term care provider community?

TG: My grandparents, Ralph and Martha Tarutis, purchased the facility on July 1, 1962.  During the 1960’s the concept of a family facility was created. My mother Sandra worked after school and during the summer at the facility in various capacities from nursing aide to administrator. I spent many hours at the facility as I was growing up since my family owned and ran the business.  I attended special events, visited residents after school and assisted with activities.  During high school, I worked as a receptionist and ward clerk. After completing coursework for CNA and GNA, I became certified as a GNA.  I returned to the facility in 2003 and embarked on the journey of receiving my Administrator’s license.  Today, both of my children – the fourth generation – visit the facility to spend time with the residents as I once did.  Long View is a family facility in every sense.

HFAM: What are you doing at Long View to ensure quality care and quality of life for your residents?

TG: The facility’s administration is actively involved in the day-to-day operations by visiting residents, family members, and making rounds to ensure an understanding of what is occurring in the facility on a daily basis. We are actively involved on boards and committees, and stay up to date with political and policy issues that affect out residents and business. In addition, we provide staff continuing education opportunities as much as possible so they receive the latest training and can share that education with other staff. Within our facility we have monthly meetings of committees including Quality Assurance, Osteoporosis, Safe Handling, Functional Maintenance, Skin, Restraint, Contracture, Infection Control, Pharmacy, Drug Review, and Protective Measures.

HFAM: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

TG: Continuing the family tradition, I see myself transitioning into the role of Administrator, remaining actively involved in HFAM and other long-term care organizations, as well as community organizations that impact our local residents and families. I will continue to advocate for the long-term care needs of the people we serve.

HFAM: What is your definition of happiness?

TG: Having everything you want and wanting everything you have.

HFAM: What is your definition of success?

TG: Feeling that you have made a difference in the world.

HFAM: What is your greatest professional achievement?

TG: There are many that come to mind – making residents feel appreciated by doing something special for them that makes their day; comforting a family struggling with the loss of a family member or transitioning into a nursing home; or having a staff member feel that you truly care about them as a person and value them as a part of the team.