A Pledge to Veterans

For Veterans seeking employment, at the bottom of this pledge are logos with links to those employers who have signed the HFAM pledge. Contact these employers directly for possible employment opportunities.

A Pledge to VeteransA pledge to America’s Veterans:

  • Whereas America’s veterans have served the nation with distinction and honor;
  • Whereas brave and dedicated Marylanders are returning home after 10 years abroad defending our freedom;
  • Whereas these outstanding veterans are battle tested, highly skilled and poised to make valuable contributions in Maryland’s workforce and communities;
  • Whereas employment is a pillar of economic success for these individuals, businesses and the State of Maryland;
  • Whereas these men and women deserve meaningful employment to continue serving our families and communities;
  • Whereas it is important to meet the needs of the health care profession with members of a trained and experienced veteran workforce;
  • Whereas Maryland’s long-term and rehabilitative care providers welcome returning veterans and their skills and leadership to their ranks;
  • Whereas all businesses are urged to join the Health Facilities Association of Maryland to avail themselves of the experience and talent of Maryland veterans;

Now therefore, be it resolved the members of the Health Facilities Association of Maryland join with Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and members of the Maryland General Assembly to urge other Maryland employers to join us in this pledge.